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He has included some penile phalloplasty photos on this page that show both penile lengthening and widening. I thought I understood the implications—I was very wrong. I have to review Dr. He was thoughtful to provide complete coverage by going beyond the shaft of the penis in the surrounding public and scrotum area. Our male patient representatives will help you navigate your options and explain the procedures to you.

Enlargement Surgery: Atlanta GA

Seeing is believing

We understand it is very valuable to men to be able to see what to expect from the resulting enhancement operation. The increase in size is applicable to both flaccid and erect penile states. Our website generally displays pictures in the flaccid state. We do plan to add some photos with erections as soon as they are available.

Morganstern has perfected the operating procedure after decades of development. His patients continue so share images post surgery. Morganstern has been performing these surgeries for several years, he has historical information about how the penises hold up over time.

The results are excellent. Patients have shared photos of themselves several years after the operation occurred. The top photograph below is a penis that was enlarged more than 2 decades ago. This patient is thrilled with his results in both aesthetics and functionality.

Our patient liaisons are here to help and will answer your questions discreetly. Complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible. Express your interest in penile extension or width enlargement.

Non-Surgical Our doctors have now have expanded our options for penis extensions. Before After We understand it is very valuable to men to be able to see what to expect from the resulting enhancement operation. We are available for discreet consultative enhancement phone appointments. Pre-op and Post-op penis extension surgery. Penis picture after extension surgery. Picture before penis surgery to increase girth length. Buried penis before surgery.

After surgery hidden buried penis. Significant lengthening post surgery penises side by side. Penises side by side before and after surgeries. Thank you so much Jennifer for all of your contributions to my journey.

After considering many options, I chose Dr. Solomon to perform corrective surgery from the previous fat graft, and insert a new graft for girth. The outcome was excellent, and Dr. Solomon was there every step of the way, from the very beginning to current day. From the early stages of researching corrective procedures and doctors, it was very clear to me, that Dr. Solomon possessed deep experience and knowledge—a critical factor in my decision.

He provided facts and the science for me to make my own informed decision. He had also performed many corrective procedures with positive outcomes—Yep, I am one of them. In my opinion, his graft procedure is the only one that provides a long-term durable solution with a uniform look and feel for the entire penis and the surrounding areas.

Since it uses proven graft materials, it has a higher probably of success than other options. Using grafts that are proven to have positive outcomes by the medical industry, is one part of the formula for success. Solomon graft selection process is very methodical and scientific to obtain a good result.

He chose the graft material and size specifically for my body based on a number of factors. He measured and cut the graft material to fit me the best, rather than using a small, medium, and large approach.

He was thoughtful to provide complete coverage by going beyond the shaft of the penis in the surrounding public and scrotum area. If only the shaft is covered, you will feel a difference at the base and may visually notice a difference in girth. I think his graft selection method is better than using a single material for all patients. In addition to providing complete coverage with the graft, Dr.

Solomon made every effort to prevent and minimize potential scaring. For my procedure, he made the incision down the midline of the scrotum. Other doctors stated they would place the incision at the base of the penis, which is more visible. The end result was no scarring, and I have to look very hard to see anything had been done. Solomon places a high degree of effort and focus on post-op care. In contrast, other doctors send you home with an instructional DVD, and follow up with text messages.

He made daily in-person visits for days after the procedure to ensure the healing process was on the right track, and would adjust the protocol as needed.

Even after I went home, Dr. Solomon contacted me on a regular basis to make sure I was doing well and healing. In office visits were always encouraged, but Dr. If I had any question or concern about the after care or healing process, Dr. Solomon or Jennifer was always available and happy to provide the correct and best answer. If I elect to repeat the procedure for increased girth, I would choose Dr. I have to review Dr.

Solomon because I see so little reviews and some of these other doctors here have dozens and hundreds many undeserving and Dr. Solomon is top of the line, a hidden gem. I traveled several times from New York City to Philadelphia to see him.

He made such huge improvements that my original plastic surgeon even refused to touch telling me no improvement is possible.

Penis Extension Options: Non-Surgical