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Oct 1, My girl loves it by the way. Large images may take a few minutes to appear. May 7, It can be difficult and costly for a doctor to get a pure form of PMMA. Men now have the opportunity to completely transform their total body. I can't find a way to post a question?

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Do you really want plastic in your penis? It can be difficult and costly for a doctor to get a pure form of PMMA. That diluted form of the cheap PMMA is nasty stuff and it is everywhere. It produces a very bad result for the patient regardless of the doctor or the part of the person's anatomy where it is used.

Some reports claim it is a carcinogen. That is only the cost to the doctor , not your price and does not include the doctor's fee. If the price quoted to you is significantly lower, ask yourself: Dr Jayson Oates of Australia reports: Anyway when I got there we had no where to go other than this back ally behind a bar and do it in my car. Did you pump it? Why is this spot harder? You had to have pumped. Oh my god are you clean?! No one has a dick this fat So the only way I could get hard after all this was if I clamped the base of my dick with my left hand while I stroked with the right a Uli for those who know manual PE terms.

It got hard, real hard. The problem with this is by clamping like this my girth is like 0. SO, at the moment I would be measuring about 6. She says she wants it from behind so thats what we do, in the back of my car, in the back parking lot of a dodgy Toronto bar Anyway only like 2. She complained of pain, then she would moan, then complain of pain This happened for about 10 min.

But it was no good for her. Eventually she said to just stop becaue the condom was dry. The main problem was that I couldnt get hard without clamping the base To further the situation a few weeks later I asked if she would like to try again and her responce was that she "no trust my dick" and "there's something wrong with it.

Definitely makes me worry now everytime I whip it out that the chick will notice. This was posted in more detail in the: I don't have it very bad at all.

She inspected my flaccid dick like a dick expert. I have never had anyone else even notice a thing. C and Wade actually are very very very pleased with my results. It doesn't feel or look pumped, I think she probably had an ex that would pump a lot or something and she probably just assumes a big dick must mean a pumped dick.

Is just a hard ridge where the PMMA reaches the circumcision area. Why did she call you back? It's not as if guys are in short supply. I reminded her about it to make sure she really wanted to before I drove all the way out to her. She forgot taking the biggest cock of her life? This is also a snippet from a post here: The PMMA microspheres are encapsulated by your body's own collagen. Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not allowing anyone aside from my wife feel it. But I feel it everyday and am still shocked by how natural it feels The irregularties I have post Round 2 are extremely minor but I do exhibit the "gap" somewhat.

And my girl would kill me if I went back. Sex gets better and better every time. I was able to go all the way in the last two times, she was really wet. It was awesome and she was screaming for it. She is still really sore afterwords but during she loves it.

It is also still hard to go in at first, but like I said before, once she gets warmed up she can handle it. I still cum easier because of the friction and it just feels way better. The only bad thing about this procedure, is that the boosted confidence makes me want to go try this out on other girls LOL Gsxr, if I were in your position I would be tempted to do to try out my new dick in new women too!

If you have a good woman you don't want to lose her, though. So the sex keeps getting better and better. The only downside is how easy I come now, before I could go for hours, now its half an hour and I am fighting it off. It feels amazing, way more sensitive, its insane. My girl loves it by the way. In other words, do you think you would have been just as satisfactory to her in bed if you were say, 1 inch shorter but with the same PMMA girth?

And try not to think about how you feel about it, but rather how she would feel when it is inside her. This is especially true if you choose to be an active contributor.

Honestly, my girlfriend is very small, and I am just over 6 inches long and I bottom out on her in some positions and hit her cervix and she doesnt like that. So if I was an inch shorter with the same girth shed love it I am sure. Hey guys how are I am new here? Jan 8, Hey people I have one simple question?

Elist on Google Reviews and Facebook. Let people know what he has done to poor victims. Jan 27, 8: I can't find a way to post a question? Mar 3, Why down vote Elist?

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