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I stayed there for another week a little more graft was removed the discharge stopped and I was left with next to nothing. Men often ask us if the Thai plastic surgeons who have studied Sava Perovic's penile surgery to create large male genitals using tissue engineering with biodegradable scaffolds perform the phalloplasty in Bangkok. The lenght of scaffold is 5 cm. The secret, traditional Thai oil used as filler stimulates tissue production which results in an overall size-increase, not only the firmness and stiffness resembling an erection. Vacuum devices and weights may produce very small, short-term increases in size, simply because the penis is elastic and can be stretched. May 7,

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Also the importance of understanding how the procedure will be performed, for example i would definately want to know exactly where the scar tissue was going to be. Hi there Last december I had surgery in thailand.

I had dermal graft using groin tissue the doctors name was dr promote at yanhee international hospital in bangkok. The hospital was very nice, clean and very friendly and I was looked after. I arrived on the monday had my consultation tuesday morning at 10am and was then booked for surgery at 2pm that afternoon.

I was monitered through the night. When I woke in the morning I was very sore and swollen. I was able to walk around ok tho. The doc come in that morning and assessed everything and was happy for me to go after lunch. But also said I could stay for another night. I took them up on the offer because they just made everything so much easier and there food was really nice for hospital food.

The next day the doc seen me again everything was good. But I was just really comfortable good food sevice cable tv etc. My flight back home to Australia was booked for 7 days after surgery. When I say stitches I mean the in the area where the graft was inserted. This is where the problem started.

I arrive back in australia all excited everything is good after day nine I go to bed I wake up in excrutiating pain I had a erection after a couple of minutes it goes away. In the morning I wake up I removed the wrap I was told to wear. And I realise I have torn a stitch so for a few days I just try to keep it clean etc. After a week it wasnt really healing and the wound started to get bigger and I noticed that I could see the graft trying to swell out it was a white colour I by now I was really worried.

A discharge was starting to ooz out I got in contact with my doc he told me to keep it clean an keep squeezing what I thought was puss out. It wastnt puss it was actually the the fat graft it had a strange smell and it was a pink colour really strange.

I decided to fly back to bangkok. Just to give you an idea I would have squeezed out close to a desert spoon of fluid on the nine hour flight back. When I arrived the doc had a look and removed a lot of the graft which by then had turned white. I stayed there for another week a little more graft was removed the discharge stopped and I was left with next to nothing. The doc said it would take around 2 to wks to heal he wouldnt stitch it back up he just said has to heal itself.

To this day the wound is still open, It just starts to heal and then I go to bed go to sleep by accident get an errection and it tears again.

It is getting better but i am really over it. To date I have gained 0. So my experience is not that good and for those who are looking at surgery Id ask your doc where the incision are going to be made and Id stay away from the area where I had mine. I really dont know what he was thinking cutting me there.

Feb 28, Personally I would be very careful with Thailand. I spent quite a bit of time there in the early '90s. One of my friends wrecked his rental motorbike while there and screwed up his leg in a bad way. Had to go to a hospital in Bangkok, place looked modern, clean, etc He ended up getting a nasty infection that damn near killed him. Had to go back to Hawaii to get fixed up correctly. The last story you posted reminds me of that. I haven't been back there in many years, so I don't know if things have changed.

I would check it out fully though. It would suck to save a few bucks and have your dick just about fall off, literally. Mar 1, 3: Dear Matthew, That's right. Scaffold technique is first taught by Dr.

He came to our clinic for demon about 6 years ago. That's why, we learn from him. The lenght of scaffold is 5 cm. If you need more, we have to use double. Their owner is from Korea. But their manufacter and lab is in China.

The owner came to Thailand 2 weeks ago. We know him about 4 years refered by Dr. The widen after Scafold can not gain a lot. It can be increase about 4 cm at most. It is not like injection or any other kind of material. We do only Scafold. Therefore, patient who want to do Penile widening with scaffold should not highly expectation of a lof of increase.

We have followed his work for more than 10 years and he is very popular among Thailand's entertainment industry's performers of both film, TV and live performance. A very ethical physician with great concern for the welfare of his patients, he is fluent in English and heads the aesthetic surgery department of the largest ISO-certified hospital in a large, publicly-listed chain of hospitals in Thailand. He also has a booming private practice that requires him to work at his clinic until 3 am most evenings — despite the fact that most American plastic surgeons charge LESS.

This very senior surgeon currently at the top of his game is a: This method of penis girth enlargement requires the patient to be circumcised because it produces a permanent firmness and stiffness similar to an erection as well as enlarging the penis. The results of this one-step, minute, out-patient penis enlargment phalloplasty are immediate but the full results are achieved after two years. The secret, traditional Thai oil used as filler stimulates tissue production which results in an overall size-increase, not only the firmness and stiffness resembling an erection.

Permanent stiffness and firmness — burden or blessing? It depends very much on your personal perspective. It could drastically reduce the need for Viagra or a penile implant. And no going limp after ejaculating or having an orgasm might outweigh the extra work needed to unobtrusively pack away your always large package when needed. The Thai plastic surgeon reports:

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