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L-Arginine HCl provides a boost of nitric oxide into the blood stream, assisting in blood flow to the penis and absorption of nutrients. Everybody has been playing with their dick towels, guys, girls, NFL wide receiver Chad Ochocinco tweeted pix to all his followers of the fun he was having playing with his big black dick tow You don't mind a slightly snug fit to your underwear pouch. Concerning male enhancement, L-Arginine is one of the most scientifically advanced ingredients present. Niacin 45mg , Proprietary Complex mg Proprietary complex: VigRX Plus Producing company:

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Every guy wants to be his best. Unfortunately the body ages. It is just part of being alive on planet earth. We all have our time here and we want to make the most of it. As you age your body naturally. You've seen the public service announcements about prostate health and you know that around age 50, you're supposed to start having your prostate checked each year. But your a busy, virile man. Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of men like diseases that directly affect the penis, and Peyronie's disease is no exception.

While this condition only affects about 5 percent of all men, those who. Testosterone is the hormone that gives men the qualities that define them: As a sex hormone, it also makes genital growth.

Millions of American men experience low testosterone levels -- and many don't know it. Because testosterone levels typically drop as men age, many pass low testosterone symptoms off as. Having your testosterone level checked does not truly give you an accurate picture unless you test for both "free" and "bound" testosterone. The benefits of testosterone are endless and when you have it pumping strong, you know it and feel it.

Successful men often attribute their professional and personal. Did you know that a poor diet can impact your erection? Well, new research is showing some interesting findings that might make you perk up. Predoxen is our clear choice for number 1. This brand new and cutting edge breakthrough product that can not only help to boost your testosterone but can also increase the size of your erection.

Testo Roar is a clear top rated choice. This brand new and cutting edge breakthrough product helps to boost your testosterone levels and increase the size of your erection.

Our third place finisher is equally as effective as Predoxen and Testo Roar at boosting your testosterone levels. The potential for size gains are still at the head of the market and have been reported widely by men everywhere. The only real option until recently was choosing between carpet or hardwood floors. Originally a high-end spa treatment where a wax job was finished by attaching Swarovski crystals in decorative patterns to the waxed area, vajazzling was introduced to the mainstream by Jennifer Love Hewitt, who is apparently something of a matron saint of this and a huge aficionado herself.

Have fun with that mental image, folks. We're talking about gluing sharp and pointy objects to your crotch. There's no way any of these could come loose and wind up in, uh, an uncomfortable place, right? After all, the crotch-bedazzling process is done only by professionals, so Here's VDIY vajazzling kits right here! The art of pimping the poontang by gluing glittery stones to it could -- and should -- have remained an exclusive and expensive form of madness reserved for the rich, jaded and unnecessarily masochistic.

But apparently after the lovely Miss Hewitt broke the news to the public, someone smelled money and brought it to the masses.

And because everything apparently needs to be horribly, horribly unisex, there are also male versions of this called, no shit, penazzling It may seem absurd but we guarantee that right now there's one misguided individual out there who is grabbing the nearest bottle of glue and rhinestones right now.

Where most women make every effort to be discreet about the whole crotch area more on that in a moment , men seem to be decidedly more gung-ho about reminding the world they have genitals. Bulge-enhancing underwear is easily the most mainstream item on this list, with large store chains and big-name designers fighting to sell you their particular brands of synthetic testicular elephantiasis.

You can even get dick-enhancing swimwear , to make everyone at the pool party extremely uncomfortable. Yeah guy, you're cool now. While bulge-enhancing underwear is the equivalent of your balls moving into a mansion, there is surprisingly no room in there for anatomical accuracy.

Most of the packages on these briefs look less like actual dongs and more like one of your ass cheeks got lost on the front of your body. They are such absurd and ill-defined lumps that any woman with rudimentary knowledge of male genitalia should absolutely be concerned for the health of the wearer. At the risk of getting too graphic, some of these brands either forgot or don't care that the base of most wangs isn't directly below the belly button. As we alluded to, women have the opposite problem of the crotch-enhancing males.

Thus we have the Cuchini , a device for the ladies designed to hide cameltoe when they're wearing bathing suits. According to the manufacturers, the Cuchini is meant to cover the ridges of the mons pubis area, providing a smooth and camouflaged appearance. So, yeah, basically a pillow you stick in your bikini bottom in order to spare yourself from the supposed crippling embarrassment of owning a vagina.

The Cuchini uses adhesive to stay in place, and you're going to be using it in water. We're going to say that either they're using an adhesive so strong you wouldn't want it anywhere near your lady parts, or that this thing is going to slip around.

Maybe it'll roll up and make the wearer look like she's hiding way more than a cameltoe. The mascot for Cuchini is also worth mentioning because it, like the product itself, hides the taboo tools of human sexuality behind something exponentially more bizarre.

We're fairly certain the mascot is supposed to be an anthropomorphized camel, but it looks more like a woman with a shaved giraffe's head, mangled fingers and a snapped neck. When we say that devices like this are intended to make your penis bigger, let's make it clear that they are purely cosmetic. Penis lengtheners and even surgeries can make your junk look bigger, perhaps, but their effect on the actual boner is questionable and, at worst, horrifying. And so we arrive at the subject of the BibHanger.

You may not know what you're looking at there, until you see the "weight attachment" hook at the bottom. That torture trap is just the commercial version of a trend in the penis-enlargement community. You hang weights from your penis to make it look bigger. Knowingly taking countless actual, horrible health risks ranging from simple to "oh God this can never be undone.

I can't ever have another erection, but whatevs. I try my best to give useful answers and of course it's often very subjective.

Not only does each man have a unique anatomy he's also going to have unique preferences for fit either ingrained by experience or socialization. Lately a lot of questions have centered around specialty designed pouches, lifters and engineered underwear designs that are currently on the market including how they work and the ways that they all compete or compare against each other.

A while back I wrote up an article on enhancing underwear but I think a lot of guys who haven't had the opportunity to try out some of the styles still have a lot of questions about how the designs work. This is a significantly expanded guide on the same subject with plenty of reference images as well as illustrations to help anyone who isn't familiar with the construction or methodologies of enhancing men's underwear.

The illustrations are NSFW so keep that in mind when reviewing the article, as a result of the detail illustrations, you will hopefully get a clearer idea for how things work for underwear enhancement. There are 4 major types of underwear enhancers on the market right now: Each type of mechanism has its own engineering and variations each with pluses and minuses for helping to boost your profile.

Before we get to all the ways underwear can be engineered to help you "stand out"-let's start with how things work without any of the extras. Starting out with the baseline design, a typical men's underwear brief without any specially constructed pouch will tend to compress your package in a way that the majority of what would make up the look of a bulge will fall between your legs. Although not uncomfortable, this tends to leave a minimal profile to your underwear package.

For the longest time this was essentially the only style of men's underwear. More often than not, this "flat-front" design makes a guy seem slightly diminished for all but the most endowed individuals.

With the male anatomy one of the best ways to enhance your package profile is to pull your balls outward away from between your legs in order to round out your package and cause it to protrude more prominently out in front.

Cock rings more politely called c-rings have been around for a long time as standalone rubber rings, adjustable leather snap rings and other material combinations as a means to encircle the base of the penis and balls and "bundle" them together to create the pronounced package look. As a pioneer in enhancing underwear designs California Muscle should be commended for offering underwear with built-in c-rings and straps for many years before C-In2 mainstreamed the concept with their "sling" design underwear.

Underwear designer Andrew Christian followed suit shortly after C-In2's introduction with almost all of their first underwear releases sporting a built-in snap c-ring.

Interestingly enough, Andrew Christian later decided to remove the show-it c-ring technology from all their underwear so you'll have to track down only the first edition releases in order to find the interior c-ring technology. Just the opposite is the case. Taking what he learned from his initial outing, the buff designer will launch a new feature in the near future. From rags to britches by Michael A.

Knipp, Gay 7 lesbian Times December 20th, Issue The way the integrated c-ring mechanism work is via a ring of stretch fabric or elastic that is attached on the interior-front pouch usually at the waistband and encircles the base of a man's penis and balls.

Example diagram of a sling support in action. The original Andrew Christian Show-It snap c-ring: Andrew Christian included an adjustable snap c-ring in almost all their initial underwear releases although this mechanism was subsequently removed from all their later lines. Calvin Klein's strap technology operates as a less constricting version of a c-ring but follows the same principle of pulling your balls and penis outward.

CK Body Boost brief www. You want a guaranteed level of enhancement and enjoy a variety of cuts, colors, fabrics and designs to choose from. You would like an adjustable fit and would like to forgo the enhancement for times when you don't want to deal with wearing them.

You want fairly aggressive profile enhancement that stands out to provide some of the best results. You don't want an enhancement technique and mechanism that can remain hidden from easy detection.

Andrew Christian is phasing out the Show-It technology so you may need to contact the individual stores to verify if the item you want to purchase will include the strap or not. You will have better luck if you purchase one of the earlier releases. Andrew Christian Official Web Store store.

Although perhaps less visibly marketed at the mainstream level, an effective variation of the c-ring strap is the c-ring fabric panel. The mechanics and operation of the fabric c-ring panel are essentially the same as a regular c-ring strap in the way that your balls and penis are supported outward from your body for a better profile.

The main difference employed in this variation of enhancement is that a panel of fabric with a circle cutout is layered on the inside of the pouch which you pull your package through. Fabric panels are not adjustable like regular straps so there's generally a more one-size-fits all approach that occurs in this type of underwear.

Your results from the c-ring panel will vary more widely than a traditional c-ring strap given the lack of customization options on the fit. The process of pulling your anatomy through the panel can sometimes be more complicated and tricky than using a c-ring but the results are nearly equally effective and often more comfortable than a restrictive strap.

You want all-day enhancement and you don't need the option of wearing the underwear without the c-ring effect. You are willing to give up customization of the ring in favor of something slightly more comfortable to wear throughout your day. You don't mind if the construction or enhancement technique of the c-ring might be visible to others depending on style. Working from the same principle of the c-ring, AussieBum pioneered the concept of the built-in support pocket within the underwear pouch.

This method of enhancement also operates under the lift up and out method that the c-ring relies on but instead of a ring encircling the base of the penis and balls all the way around, a cup-like pouch provides the same effect without creating a tight, uncomfortable feeling.

The lower half of your package is pulled away from your body with your balls being supported by the pouch. The end result of this design is the visual enhanced look of a c-ring but executed in a manner that can be worn for the entire day with a lot more wearability and versatility. The pouch design is effective because it works for almost any size man and works very well in both side profile and front view.

Once AussieBum established how popular and successful the pouch design could be with male consumers, a few other manufacturers got on board the with similar designs including Udy and OBoy underwear.

It is possible to wear this style of underwear with the enhancement pouch not in use although the extra fabric from the pocket can be distracting if not actually being used. Brief with built-in pouch design AussieBum Classic Wonderjock side view www.

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