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This male supplement may or may not work to treat erectile dysfunction. Disclosure of Material Connection: Landing page quality is a factor in determining Page Score. No shipping or handling.. This Cyvita alternative really works- and our track record simply proves this!

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We take pride in providing high quality, affordable products for our customers. Our largest cost is putting together a superior product made from the finest available ingredients in the world, for you!

We know and state with confidence that our product is just as or more effective than Cyvita. Expand has been the original formulation since Lastly, when you purchase Cyvita male enlargement, they will automatically keep sending you more Cyvita and charging your account without prior authorization!

If you order from us, you will never be on auto-billing. We would never charge your credit card again and send more products without prior authorization. If you wanted to re-order you must return to our website, call us, or contact us by e-mail to place a re-order.

Be a wise consumer and don't overpay for an inferior product! This Cyvita alternative really works- and our track record simply proves this! We've sold millions of capsules to new, returning and referred consumers world wide since ! We respect your privacy. They did nothing for me. What they don't tell you until you buy the product is that you have to take 6 horse pills just before the act. I never took more than 3 and the results were dismal. Tyrone, January 14, To start with the instructions are confusing.

First it states that you take two, 2, tablets. Then down the same page it tells you to take six,6, tablets. Well Two tablets does not work and I can't see any reason what so ever one would have to take six,6, tablets which is dumb to start with. That is called over kill. This worked for me? I saw the other reviews while figuring out where I bought mine and I have to confess that despite the instructions and the 2 or 6 dose, those really made a difference to me.

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