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While the Formula 41 Extreme website is generally informative, there are only limited details about the manufacturer, although full contact information is provided. The formula for Formula 41 Extreme is a very standard blend of natural ingredients that have shown to support several areas of male sexual health. Formula 41 Extreme should be taken at a dose of 2 capsules per day and the product is time released so the results last over a longer period of time.

Any product that claims to be the 1 best brand in history should really provide consumers some actual proof of this if it is to be believed. Although the Formula 41 Extreme website does include statistical data and positive customer testimonials, there is nothing about the formula that suggests it is superior to the hundreds of other male enhancement brands on the market. It does use beneficial ingredients, but the potency of the formula cannot be judged in the absence of ingredient amounts.

The only part of this product that does make it stand out from the others is that it uses a time-released formula, allowing the user to enjoy the effects over a longer period of time.

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No other product on the market has worked this well, and when the Formula 41 team says they created something revolutionary, they are certainly not lying.

The idea behind Formula 41 Extreme was simple: Formula 41 Extreme succeeded in every part mentioned in the above, and then some. The herbs used in its formulation are grown and sourced with a quality ratio of These herbs are extremely powerful and potent. Other male enhancement products grow and source ingredients with, at most, a The active ingredients are:.

And a proprietary blend of powerful ingredients like oyster extract, licorice, tribulus terrestris, and nettle at mg total dose. Formula 41 Extreme is the most powerful, most effective, and highest quality male enhancement product ever made. Nothing else even comes close to the The effects are permanent, too! After this review, I bought 12 months worth of it.

Checkout the Best Male Enhancement Products. Sex Pill Pros was created to bring you the best and most thorough male enhancement reviews out there. As awkward as it was my father-in-law gave me the best advice ever and probably saved my marriage.

I am only 32 years old, but just a few months ago I was in a rut. I was always so freaking tired and even when I had enough energy to have sex, my dick would just lie limp. My wife tried to be kind, but I knew what she was really He came over one day and said we needed to talk.

He said he recently started taking Formula 41 Extreme because he and the little woman were having a bit of trouble. He said I should give it a try because the shit really works. Now, my little woman and I are rockin the sheets multiple times every night.

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