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Managing Type 1 Diabetes. What is penile enlargement? How is a penile enlargement procedure performed? What kind of results can I expect? What is the recovery period?

Am I a candidate? Location Flores Plastic Surgery. Facebook Flores Plastic Surgery. Maercks has developed a consistently highly efficacious method of reliably and safely enlarging both length and girth of the penis without scars, implants or foreign bodies. Using a refined method of fat and stem cell transfer the penis is projected significantly away from the abdominal wall without severing any anatomical structure and without any incision or scaring.

The entire length of the penis from the internal abdominal wall is stented forward, girth is dramatically enhanced and blood flow and microcirculation are enhanced. Common procedures used to lengthen the penis involve cutting the skin and ligament which can decrease the vasculature of the penis and cause fibrosis and scarring.

These sequelae can reduce penile function sensitivty and actually reduce length. Maercks concurrently trained as an M.

Learn more about Dr. Maercks offers patients the expertise and training gained through a lifetime of service and education.

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