Penis Lengthening Surgery

We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you determine the best solution for you. Is penis lengthening surgery effective? Note normal appearance of implant deflated. Hidden incisions that do not result in visible scarring are possible. They perform cosmetic surgery, laser skin treatments, and penis enlargement.

Penis Lengthening Surgery

Explanation of Penis Lengthening Surgery

Heavy work such as in the building trade may require additional time off. Sex must be avoided for at least 1 month following surgery and high-impact sports should not be engaged in for at least 6 weeks. Penile lengthening is a surgical procedure requiring careful consideration. From the diagram above, part of penis is not visible in the flaccid state as it retracts inside the body. It is attached to the pelvic bone via suspensory ligaments as they are commonly referred to in yellow.

The role of these ligaments is to pull the penis upwards towards the ceiling during an erection, using the pubic bone as an anchor. Ligamentolysis involves cutting some of the penis ligaments to allow the penis to fall further forward out of the body, lengthening the visible penis in the flaccid state.

The use of a penis stretching device can help to prevent reattachments of the ligaments. As ligamentolysis requires the cutting of the ligaments this inevitably leads to scarring, in respect of both the area treated and the surgical access points.

If the pubic hair is shaved after the procedure it will be apparent that surgery has taken place as a cm horizontal scar will be left by the procedure. Minimising the scarring in the pubic area depends on the level of skill of the surgeon. Hidden incisions that do not result in visible scarring are possible. Options to minimise scarring can be discussed with the surgeon during your consultation. It is important that not all of the ligaments are severed in order that the penis can still rise somewhat during an erection, and not simply point to the floor.

The more ligaments are cut, the greater the increase in the visible penis length in the flaccid state, but the fewer ligaments are left to raise the penis during an erection. If all the ligaments are cut, as is often the case, the penis will simply point to the floor during an erection and may become more difficult to control during sexual intercourse. Penis implant devices including those made popular abroad Dr Elist Penis Implant have attracted considerable attention in recent years.

For lengthening the penis we continue to recommend ligamentolysis, and for thickening the penis we use both fat transfer and our newer non-invasive approach, Hyaluronic Acid fillers. The approach involves cutting the penis head away from the shaft and grafting new material to lengthen the penile shaft in pink in the diagram above. A ligamentolysis is then performed. The amount of penis protruding from the body can be increased by reducing the amount of fat in the pubic region.

In a significant number of cases, there has been an accumulation of fat in the pubic region which can be felt by pressing down on the area under the pubic hair above the penis. In pressing down on this area one may press anywhere from 0. Removing some of this fat through liposuction will increase the amount of visible penis in the flaccid and erect state making the penis appear longer.

Filming the Penis Injection Procedure. Men and Penis Size. Penis Enlargement Fact vs Fiction. The Need for Androfill. What is Hyaluronic Acid? Fat Transfer vs Filler Comparison. Erect Length Increase — Option 1. Erect Length Increase — Option 2. For most men, however, it is the length of the penis when erect that is more important. Is penis lengthening surgery effective? The penis was stretched enough to measure how long would it be if erect.

The following clinics are neither based from the United States or from the United kingdom. German Center for Urology and Phalloplasty Surgery have done 30, operations including 7, penis enlargement surgeries both lengthening and widening surgery and applied the standard surgical techniques used worldwide. Check their online site at http: They perform cosmetic surgery, laser skin treatments, and penis enlargement. View their gallery of before and after photos of not just penis enlargement but for men surgeries through this link: For this photo, you notice the visible scars as the side effects of the penile surgery.

Clinics also reminded that these results definitely vary from the penis to penis. It may look the same for you, but it can also look different. Nevertheless, the mentioned clinics assure you of their commitment to producing results, better from the condition of your penis, prior to the operation.

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