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But I recommend doing regular strength training. Extenze HT does not contain close to this much. How long does the effects last? I was at least expecting a girth enhancement. It is still worth trying but there are many best male enhancement products available today. Then, after that — it is said that it will help decrease the levels of fat on your body.

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However, fish oil can also be an allergen and those with fish allergies should not take this product. It also states that a doctor should be seen if users experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, blurred vision, or other similar symptoms.

I believe Extenze HT is safe. It does not contain enough of any ingredients to be hazardous. However, users need to take the direction to see a doctor seriously if they experience any of the symptoms above.

These symptoms could be indicative of a more serious problem. Fortunately, a few other online retailers sell and provide information on Extenze HT. Extenze HT is sold in bottles of 30 softgels and users are directed to take 1 pill per day in the morning. Each bottle should last around 1 month if one pill is taken daily. Extenze HT is marketed as a way for men to increase testosterone levels, build muscle, and increase energy.

Based on my research, I do not feel this product will effectively increase testosterone. It may even increase estrogen levels according to the label—the opposite of what you want. There are no customer reviews to back up this product and the ingredients have insufficient evidence to support the claims made. Users may want to try looking for a different, more effective and proven product to boost testosterone. National Library of Medicine, Nov.

I take it for three months and then I take a month off. The closest thing I could compare it to is androgel, which I have also used in the past. The first two weeks on seem to create a slow buildup in t-rone levels. After the fourth week, I noticed slight growth in my traps, and a notable difference in my cardio workouts.

Like androgel, results are muted and gradual, which I much prefer. The obvious side effect of increased cardio performance and slightly elevated t-rone levels is firmer erections and sex on the brain.

I used this product and it did absolutely nothing. I didnt see any increase in muscle size or sex drive. Can you see great results in just 10 Days? Does this concentrated formula deliver results? Can you get the gains and mass you want? Burn fat, build muscle and boost testosterone? Energy, muscle, and stamina all in one little bottle. Can it really boost levels by 98 percent?

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