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There's also a local place where you may have to wait up to 2 hrs for a cheaply priced haircut but here you will consistently get good service and great haircuts. Montgomery, AL 0 friends 50 reviews 8 photos. ERX Pro Male Enhancement is a testosterone booster that boosts highest level of energy inside the body and makes the process effective so that you can come up with harder performance every time to keep your partner satisfied and free from stress. Unfortunately, there is limited information online for bravado. All in all, I would highly recommend for a baby or child hair cut. In the window that pops up, make sure Location is set to Ask or Allow.

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I think they are a well kept Secret on the hill. I highly recommend Marta and Kay at Bravado. Marta did my hair for my recent wedding and it was absolutely beautiful. I couldn't have been happier. Kay did my makeup and it was perfect - it even held up in 90 degree weather! Both Marta and Kay were very accommodating, opening up the salon a little early to ensure that I was ready for my big day.

Marta subsequently did my next hair cut and color, recommending a style that I loved. Bravado has a family-like atmosphere, which can be hard to find in DC. The studio is quaint and all the staff I've met have been warm and inviting. Bravado is stand out salon with the best staff you'll find in town! Great for baby hair cuts! We took our baby boy here for his very first haircut. The upstairs area is perfect for kids, with race car barber chairs and small TVs playing cartoons which really helps keep them calm and focused.

Kay did a great job asking us what we wanted and even had little baggies for hair clippings and a card to memorialize a first haircut. She was very sweet and well prepared. Kay was also a nimble and very experienced children's hair stylist - keeping the scissors shielded and out of the way from sudden-head-turns and baby eyeballs!

Finally, we are really pleased with the cut itself. All in all, I would highly recommend for a baby or child hair cut. I love this place for haircuts for my son. He's had cuts by both Marta and Alicia and they're amazing. He hates haircuts and refuses to sit in the chair, so they've cut his hair on our laps and, yesterday, Alicia worked around him and gave him a beautiful cut while he played at their lovely play area.

She made him more comfortable by the end and over time he's getting more and more comfortable with cuts. Having tried two other places as well, this is by far the only place that can handle the quirks of cutting a kid's hair and do it well so he doesn't look like a doofus until the next haircut. The space was so filthy, hair all over the tables, chairs, and toys. I should have walked out then, but one of parents from listserv had recommended this place, so I thought I gave it a try.

As soon as the boys sat down, it became so obvious that the older lady who cut their hair wasn't comfortable doing it. I asked her to wet their hair a bit so hair wouldn't get all over the place, she said yes but didn't do anything about it. Then she repeatedly telling them 'don't move, or you will have holes in your head'. I was in town for a short moment and I decided to check this place out, as a girl friend recommended it.

I had Marta do my style, color touch ups and blow dry. I truly enjoyed having her work on my hair. She carries herself in a professional manner and very courteous to make sure you're happy with the color and cut. I definitely recommend you see her! It's a cute, hidden spot by the Eastern Market. Looking for a good men's haircut in the Capitol Hill area? You found your place! A lot of upscale men's barber shops are popping up in this area that will offer services at unaffordable prices.

There's also a local place where you may have to wait up to 2 hrs for a cheaply priced haircut but here you will consistently get good service and great haircuts. You can also typically be booked the same day or next but it's always best to book a bit ahead of time.

It also seems to be a great family place. As a note for newcomers, they do take card but bring some cash for the tip! I rarely carry cash so I wish I had known that the first time I went. Overall just a great place that I would recommend to anyone in the area. I love this place for my son's haircuts! They have a row of kids cars and tv's with curious gorge playing. It is literally the only place he is happy getting his haircut. His hair always looks adorable and stylish.

The kid is more stylish than I am. We are so lucky to have Bravado on Capitol Hill. Just have to rave about my highlights by Marta - She did both highlights with a mix of lowlights that gave me a rich, polished color! I absolutely love it!! So grateful to Alisa for transforming my hair today. Upon my friend's referral, she kindly squeezed me in on short notice and not only perfectly fixed my color, but also gave me a fantastic haircut, the likes of which have eluded previous stylists.

She worked carefully yet efficiently and I am very happy with the results. The salon is clean and has a warm environment. I will definitely be back! I am only reviewing the kids salon located upstairs: The stylist rushed through it, completely missing large portions of his hair.

At the end we had to point out a bunch of spots she's neglected. And it still looks ridiculous. My best guess is kids are not money-makers so they put little effort into it. Not worth the trip. I cannot say enough good things about this Salon. It's such a cozy and welcoming place in a convenient location. Prices are very competitive. I have had my hair trimmed and colored by Alisa three times now and I will never go to another stylist as long as she's around.

She's so great with color - brings out the true color with a little pop - nothing unnatural and always awesome. She's super fast and proficient and my hair always looks great.

Even my husband compliments my new haircuts now since I've been going to Alisa! I feel like she understands my hair and personality and gives me a look that suits both. So grateful I found her! Rushed through my daughters hair. Her hair is now cut at an angle and needs to be fixed. I could have done a better job myself.

If you're looking for a wax done right, Alissa is the person you need to see! I first went to Alissa for a Brazilian wax upon the recommendation of my best friend, who is always very particular about who she likes. After more than six months and a number of waxes later, Alissa is the only person I see for a wax, and I can honestly say that I've never been disappointed by her work. She works quickly and efficiently, and performs the wax so that there's minimal pain.

It's amazing that she can perform such a quick and nearly painless wax and achieve such amazing, long-lasting results!

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